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The Full Story

Starting off in baseball, this was Jeremy’s top priority growing up. After getting college scholarships, he knew this would be his career path the rest of his life, but baseball doesn’t last forever so in his mind, it was wise to lean into a teaching path so he could take on the role as a teacher, coach, or clinic instructor when that ball career was over. While training was necessary, so was doing things he enjoyed, and working as a teen in the garage learning body work and paint was where he was happy. He gained an eye for detail and attending car shows was becoming a fire of wanting to build vehicles like those. He put his hands to work perfecting and learning and finding his niche. Those earlier builds have coverage in the known magazines of 'StreetTruck' and 'MiniTruckin'. After graduating, he knew what he wanted and started chasing that dream. Jeremy enrolled in VC Tech and started working in the automotive trade. Putting in the school hours and working night shifts at Sears changing tires and oil, he wondered if this was the right choice, playing ball wasn’t looking so bad. After graduating top in his class and scoring a job at The Hot Rod Shop, it set in and now making a name for himself was it. Dedicating time and mastering everything in the field including upholstery he was completing full builds in his home garage after a days work at The Hot Rod Shop. Those cars started grabbing attention at local car shows and soon big shows like World of Wheels and Good Guys where soon his personal 67 homebuilt mustang graced the world in a centerfold of Mustang Monthly.  Things got serious after an opportunity arose with the most known automotive how-to channel, as a Host to teach on TV. Leaving his managing role at The Hot Rod Shop with his boss that became a really close friend over the years was hard, but he pushed Jeremy to go after it. Jeremy made the move to Nashville where that teaching career came to life and aligned with his passion. His ability was receiving recognition at Sema, The Block, along with other known articles. Fast forward to 2016 where things changed. Jeremy had the opportunity to purchase The Hot Rod Shop where it all started, having some of his best days there along with strong friendships. He continued to Host the show in Nashville making the commute back and forth to North MS to resume giving each car the final touches and being the one behind the spray gun. After an injury in 2018 it made thinking about The Hot Rod Shop and returning to Corinth full time easier so he settled in Corinth with his wife Kim and their four Children. Along with the day to day at The Hot Rod Shop, Continuing to push in 2019 he signed on with Brenton Productions where he now hosts CarFix along side Bryan Fuller where they show you basic maintenance to full builds and fabrication where you even see a lot of things from their own shops! 


“Things aren’t always easy, but it wouldn’t be as fun if they were”

- Jeremy Bumpus

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